H01. Metal hand-pump extinguisher (stirrup pump) 10L

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Metal hand-pump extinguisher (stirrup pump) 10L

  • suction hose Ø 25mm; L: 3m

  • aluminium couplings

  • fire hose nozzle PW Ø 25mmm, nozzle mouth: Ø 4 mm

  • suction and force pump: brass (MO-58)

  • aluminium head

  • water tank: powder coated steel

  • water tank filling capacity: 10 litters

  • hand-pump performance: 10 litters/minute (with 27 full pump moves a minute)

  • weight: 8,8 kg (empty)


Do not keep the hand-pump extinguisher filled up with water at the temperature below 0ºC.

Once the water has been pumped out for a few times, moving parts of the pump should be lubricated (e.g. with silicone grease).

Additional option: rubber mat for hand-pump extinguisher